Napoli Pizza Restaurant 222 Neighborhood Market Rd., Suite 108 Orlando, FL, 32825 (located in the Chickasaw Plaza next to 408 HWY)
Napoli Pizza Restaurant222 Neighborhood Market Rd., Suite 108Orlando, FL, 32825(located in the Chickasaw Plaza next to 408 HWY)


Lisa (Tuesday, January 29 19 10:46 pm EST)

Pizza was best I've ever had. So good, I believe I will travel back to FL from Wi just to have it again! Absolutely perfect!


Sheena Scott (Saturday, November 17 18 07:38 am EST)

I came here back in February while on a week business trip. The atmosphere was phenomenal. The waiter and cashiers were so friendly and attentive to each person in the restaurant. I was shocked because of the poor service given from some of the surrounding stores. When I received my meal, it was hot, fresh, and full of portion. I was so stuffed just eating a quarter of my meal. So the waiter asked could they bag my things up for me so that I could take it home. I said absolutely. I just really appreciate the wonderful hospitality from each of you at NapoliPizza. I will definitely be returning again soon, and will bring some friends. Thank you again guys, and have a great day!


Darma R. (Tuesday, December 27 16 08:56 pm EST)

My mother in law introduced me to Napoli about 7 year's ago and I absolutely love there pizza, sandwiches, and all!!! I've had pizza from many places but this hands down is my favorite. The staff is always so nice and Happy!! I love it!! I was sad when we moved but every time we come back to Orlando we always make sure to come here for our pizza fix! You guy's are awesome! ❤❤


Tonnie (Wednesday, August 03 16 07:48 pm EDT)

YOUR food is the best!!


Claude(Wednesday, July 27 16 04:55 pm EDT)

Fantastic Sicilian pizza


Jose g Pickard(Thursday, April 14 16 08:22 pm EDT)

Best pizza in orlando


Barb (Sunday, October 11 15 08:17 pm EDT)

I am so thankful that a friend introduced me to your Pizza! I don't live close by, but your pizza is ALWAYS worth the drive! I'm hooked! I haven't had pizza this good in a 'r-e-a-l-l-y' long time
(and not anywhere in Florida). Thank you for bringing the best pizza to Orlando!


Chris (Friday, May 29 15 07:20 pm EDT)

I ordered from your Restaurant today for the 1st time. I have lived in the area for 9 years and I am very picky about my pie (Pizza pie) Im from Da Bronx, I\'ve been buying my pizza at another Pizza
Place and thought it was the best i could expect in Orlando, I was wrong. like other reviewers this food is great, we will be back for more Trust. Thank you Napoli for a great experiance. Chris


maria (Friday, January 10 14 06:51 pm EST)

My son Bj and my family love your pizza, !!!


Jose Vazquez 

Orlando best secret. Love it!! Best Pizza in Orlando!!!


Sheila Butcher 

Best pizza ever!!!!


Norietta Mariño Castro 

Best Neapolitan Pizza in the neighborhood. Bravo!!!


Jose Alda 

I love this little Italian place. The food is always freshly made just for you. Their menu has a varieties of many different Italian cuisine! I highly recommend it to anyone that has a passion for Italian edibles!!!


Maricel Chacon 

Best pizza in Orlando!


Ray Hernandez 

Tonight I visited your restaurant for the first time ever with my daughter. We ordered the special with the garlic knots and a chef salad to go. I must say it was very very and stress very good!!! We now have a new place to get some great pizza here in Orlando. My compliments and thank you!


Kathy Tobin-Caldora 

Best Pizza in Orlando and the most friendly people work there, they always have a big smile


Hector D Santos

This place not only has incredible pizza, but they are the resident provider of my super bowl wings.


Amee Perez 

Always delish! 


UCF Knights Fan 

Nice Owners and Good Food! Stopped in for take-out on May 28, 2013 at around 6:00pm. I ordered a chicken parmigiana hero and a cheese slice (total = $10.59). The chicken parmigiana hero was huge, heavy, and filled with gooey mozzarella cheese, fried breaded cutlet strips, and a delicious tomato sauce. It was only able to eat half of it! The cheese slice was perfect - no grease dripped out as I ate it. It tasted like a pizza slice you would get in Brooklyn. The two owners (male and female) are originally from Italy. They engaged me in conversation and served me with a smile and an Italian accent. I do plan on going back. The food was good and the two owners were very friendly. They deserve our support. Napoli's Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria is located in Chickasaw Plaza on Neighborhood Market Road, just south of Exit 17 off the East-West Expressway (State Road 408). It faces South Chickasaw Trail and is in the strip center next to Walmart Neighborhood Market.


Geoffscales – 

Nice place, echo that - Nice Owners and Good Food. Used to be at corner of Chickasaw and Valencia College Lane, now a charter school. Very good people, food is reasonable and very good quality.


Ray –

Awesome food and value.


Daniel –

Always excellent pizza!


Shaleah –

Needed more ranch for 10 wings but wings and sauce were awesome!


Carol –

Very good service and food.


Alba –

Pretty good food


Daniel –

Great food and good prices!


Raine –

Good food, reasonable price

JoAnna –

Same as usual. delicious! also, yummy cannolis!!!!!


Satori –

Food arrived a few minutes late, but more importantly, the food was good and order was correct


Tammy –

The food was delivered hot and it was sooo yummy!!!!


Michelle –

Found our new place


Shelbie –

Food was good and delivery was fast and easy


Quana – 

I have been there before they have great food


Lillivette –

Very dedicated people


Nadia –

Good Speed driver delivery


Amelia –

These portions are HUGE and incredibly delicious. Will definitely order from here again. Great Chicken Parm!


Alicia –

Great food!!! Made to order. Always delicious!


Mike –

Great garlic bread. Fantastic pizza


Laurel –

Just got out of rehab for hip replacement, can't drive and don't want to depend on neighbors. This is an ideal solution. Ordered food, was delivered in less time than proposed, food was piping hot and very tasty. Ordered from Napoli Pizza which had a huge selection of food from subs, calzones, pizzas, complete dinners including appetizers and desserts choices. Very happy!


Melissa –

Very good, consistent food


Kevin –

Food was awesome


Monica –

Restaurant was great

Jesenia –

I love it


Justin –

I’ve ordered twice and the pizza was excellent.


Lynjo –

We love these guys. Great pizza and great entrees.


Jesenia –

The food was excellent


Rachel –

food was perfect and on time, loved it


Steve –

Huge portions and tasted very good


Alicia –

Best itilian we've ever had in long time!! Pizza was great! Pasta seems homemade. Salad was fresh. Def will order again!


Narcis –

Honestly, the best Italian food that I ever had in US, simply the taste of Italy, thank you so much to this amazing restaurant, one of a kind, unique for US! Bravo amici mio!

Adam –

Love this place the pizza is always hot and fresh never a bad thing to say


Ellis –

love their bread


Yvonne –

Best pizza in the area hands down.


Peter –

Great service. Food was hot and delicious. Arrived earlier than promised. Will definitely use again.


Jennifer –

Always on time and always great service and food


Jean G. –

This is probably my favorite pizza place in town. Its hard to find quality family owned businesses! Napoli however is perfect.

I ordered the pepperoni pizza and loved every bite. Its not the typical papa johns or dominos which i love. They fill the pizza with fresh vegetables and fresh dough made daily.

Walking in I saw a cute petite family pizza joint. Very clean. The staff was lovely! 

I ordered straight away since I was craving food. This place will now forever have a pizza my heart

10/10 must recommend


Olivia M. –

I was hungry. And hungry for pizza! So I checked out some reviews of places near me and decided on Napoli.

I walked in to be greeted by a woman who was at the cash register. She gave me a moment to review the menu (guess I looked hungry/perplexed) and shortly after asked if I had decided on something.

I ordered 2 slices of cheese + a drink for $6+ tax. Not bad. These slices aren't small either! Super cheesy. Not too greasy, thin pizza. a whole lot of baked goodness, people!

A true hole in the wall pizza joint in the heart of Orlando. 

Overall Impression: I'm impressed. Will definitely be back. Friendly staff, super clean restaurant (& restrooms) and the pizza was delicious. Well done, Napoli!


Amanda K. –

Best pizza I have found in orlando! Coming from nj thats a complement, never too greasey or too thick. Ordered pasta the other night with meat sauce and it was amazing just like home! Thanks for being my go to when I am home sick!


Adam S. –

I am a big fan of their garlic bread with cheese. Not only is it tasty, but they give you a much larger portion of it than most other places. It is almost a double order of cheese bread for like $3.00. Awesome. The pizza is what I would describe "good not great." The toppings are pretty traditional here. The crust is perhaps a tad on the flimsy side for my tastes. I like it to be floppy enough to fold, but firm enough to not fall apart simply by being lifted up. I like the sauce with some zing to it too. With that said, this is a satisfying pizza place. Prices are decent and service is good. Would come back.


Rosana F. –

Love the cheese pizza!!!  The owners are very nice and always interact with their customers.  There garlic knots and calamari is good!!!


Barbara I. –

This place is awesome. Always on point. Cheese always fully covers the pizza. Not overly greesy. Pizza tastes just like back home in Brooklyn. The lady and the man are both very kind and customer service focused. Bathrooms are always clean. They are always very quick. This place is awesome. I recommend it to everyone. I travel 52.6 miles each way to get pizza from here.


Daniel C. –

Best Pizza in Orlando. The two owners of this establishment really put their heart and soul into the food. Ive been ordering from them for awhile now and every single time has been an absolute pleasure.

Not only is the food amazing, but the customer service is outstanding. 

Every time I find someone that hasn't tried their food I make sure to order some and that always makes a new fan for life.

Thank you for making me look forward to ordering from you.

Six out of five stars!


Diane B. –

As a Jersey girl who grew up with real New York Pizza- this place is a sweet slice of heaven. I've had the pizza, subs, salads, pasta, and dessert. Everything I have gotten taste sooooo good. And the couple that owns this place are super friendly. They know my name and what I want to order as soon as I walk in the door. I'm so glad I found this little spot. You need to try this place!


A R. –

The best eggplant parmesan sub I've had in years!! Very fresh ingredients and the bread was amazing!


Kees L. –

Ordered delivery...everything was delicious had white pizza very yummy. Got here on time


Alex H. –

Loved it. Great Bianca. The crust on this pizza was THE BEST I've had in a while. Can't beat a hand made pizza from a true Italian chef!!


Jacqueline "JacMan" M. –

Owners are nice. I love that the pizza is real thin and that the crust size is medium. The cheese is not too salty, has the right amount of sauce on it, and the pepperonis are delicious!


Dan S. –

Update: Napoli Pizza is still tasting amazing! Napoli's has been my go-to pizza delivery place for over a year now and it is always great. The owners are so nice and take a lot of pride in what they do! Without fail, they've always delivered a great product. It makes me sad to see some bad reviews at such a friendly and delicious neighborhood restaurant!


William G. –

Decided to try this place based off the previous Yelp reviews - Totally worth it

The first time I ordered here I got the "Small" calzone and a Jamaican Beef Patty with cheese. The Calzone was HUGE. I believe the "Small" calzone was around $9 and is more then enough to feed two people and possibly have some leftover!

The Jamaican beef patty was great, crust was nice and crispy and the beef filling was delicious

The next time I got a slice of cheese pizza and the Stuffed Shells. 
Again the pizza was delicious, The stuffed shells were great too but for $9 you only get 3 shells. Considering the calzone is the same price and is HUGE I was hoping the Stuffed Shells dish would have included a little more food

The staff was super friendly and helpful in offering suggestions etc. Delivery was also quick and food arrived hot.

Overall I highly recommend this place, Much better than any "chain" pizza place.


Boris O. –

Pizza is very good by MANHATTAN standard, although variety is limited. Service is excellent. Place is clean and right near the highway. I recommend it for anyone wanting a fairly priced, very good slice of regular or white pizza.


James B. –

I'm blown away. Just ordered moz. sticks, chef salad, and spaghetti w meat balls not expecting much food. Ended up with a 8" wide x 2.5" deep dish full of baked spaghetti filled with huge meatballs, a side salad, garlic knots, our moz. sticks, and another 8x 2.5 bowl of salad topped in huge thinly sliced rolls of assorted deli meat and veggies. All of it was delivered quickly even though it was Superbowl Sunday and tasted amazing as well! Our small dinner turned into leftovers for days to come and you can bet we will be ordering from here again.


Ty A. –

I was really surprised that the Pizza was so good. I got the special with the large pie and 2 orders of garlic knots ;) I think I had a NY flashback for a minute there.


Barb C. –

I love this place:  the pizza is to die for, and the owners are super friendly!  I drive quite a ways to get their pizza because it is worth it!  It's the best pizza I have had in years! There's no place in Florida that even comes close.  Yummm!


Jose V. –
It's the best kept secret in town! This little Italian restaurant is family own and got one of the best Pizzas in Orlando!!


Dawn B. –

This was our first time ordering here. Good pizza, very generous on the toppings. A little late on delivery but very nice delivery man who was very apologetic! We will order again.


Mel J. –

The pizza is really delicious.  My friends and I were pleased with the quality.  While some reviewer complained about the wait time for delivery, we found it to be pretty fast.  I would enjoy another slice right now.  It's a solid alternative to Pizza Hut.


Javi O. –

Awesome pizza a slice from heaven, the kids are happy with this one, and the timing was dead on they said 40 mins and they were at my door in 40 mins.


Courtney L. –

I have been ordering from this place for years. It's owned by a sweet couple. The pizza is always delicious and the subs are also great. Highly recommended!


B W. –

BEST PIZZA IN FLORIDA! No joke, has to be the best pizza outside of NYC. We have lived in florida since 2002 and I swear we've tried every pizza joint from Sanford to Kissimmee and until now, nothing compared to home. The sauce, the cheese and the dough are all incredible. We have now ordered from here twice and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to try an authentic New York Pizza. Great job!



I frequent this place alot, delivery is very fast...great food with very reasonable prices. the owners are very nice also, highly suggest to everyone


james t

It was one of the best in town,hand made and Pizza made with fresh ingredients and has real Italian flavor.



Went to this pizza shop last week and order a pizza with pepperoni 
Wow it was great I have been to a lot of pizza places around the area and this by far the best wing good to and the owner and wife very nice people can't wait to go back



Every time I come to Orlando I eat at this place, at least once. They have excellent Italian calzones, strombolis and pizza. The owner is from Palermo, Italy.


Michelle S

Great food!. Our order arrived quickly. Salad was chilled and stromboli was hot and crispy.

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